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Innovative and Savvy Media Solutions

The travel industry continues to evolve at a whirlwind pace.  How does your travel brand stay relevant and reach travelers in compelling and interesting ways?  Can you break through the clutter of press releases and actually deliver your key messages to consumers? REBEL can.

Place your brand in front of hundreds of thousands of consumers through brand integration morning news travel segments.  From Nationally syndicated TV shows such as The Daily Buzz, Better TV, and E!’s That Morning Show to local markets such as Chicago, Tampa, Atlanta, San Francisco, Dallas, and Washington, D.C. where you can target messages to fit the audience.

REBEL produces cost-effective, measurable brand integration segments on local TV morning shows in the targeted markets of your choice, providing your brands with a tried and tested media tactic that delivers. 

  • Instant brand credibility
  • Clear, concise brand mentions, messaging
  • Appealing on-screen brand presentation
  • Strong third-party endorsements
  • Brand presence on TV stations’ websites   
  • One-stop shopping; immediate results
  • Local market saturation

Aren’t you ready for the Star Treatment?

Segments are available in single-vendor and multi-vendor formats.

Single Vendor

Your brand alone is the focus of the entire segment.  REBEL will work with you to script an editorial-centric segment that appeals to the target TV stations while incorporating the relevant messages, promotions, properties, etc. from your brand.  B-Roll and/or on-set props are encouraged. REBEL pitches and secures the placement in the desired market and delivers to you a first-class, third party endorsement that will leave consumer travelers wanting more. 


Share the spotlight and the expense of a segment.  REBEL secures the placement, creates the scripts and works with the participating brands to incorporate up to three key messages into the segment. B-Roll or on-set props are encouraged for participating brands.  Depending on the segment topic and length, no more than 3-5 brands will ever be included in a single production. 

About Our Spokesperson
Nicole Hockin

Nicole Hockin radiates an authentic love of travel and a true desire to teach and entertain.  Her appeal spans all audiences with clear, concise brand messaging that is delivered credibly and without pretension.  Nicole Hockin is a regularly featured travel expert on numerous national and local television and radio programs such as The Daily Buzz, E!'s That Morning Show, Fox's The Mike & Juliet Morning Show,  Soap Talk, WLS Chicago ABC 7, WUSA Washington DC, WXIA Good Day Atlanta, Good Day Colorado. 

She got her start in broadcasting more than a decade ago and transitioned seamlessly a few years later into the Public Relations seats of major travel companies such as Travelweb and  As a professional spokesperson, Nicole has created the perfect marriage of those two professions with the know-how for TV news and the persuasiveness of the most-engaging PR pro.

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